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The Maldives Parliament secretariat has requested the Prosecutor General’s office and the Maldives Police Service to investigate and to prosecute an individual for allegedly accusing parliament speaker and President of the ruling party Mohamed Nasheed of blaspheming and talking ill of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

According to a video circulating on social media, the individual in question reveals that former President Nasheed spoke ill of the prophet while he was sentenced to exile after being convicted of theft of state documents during President Maumoon Abdul Gayooms administration.

The video in question has been circulating on the social medias since 2013 and many speculate that the reason for this abrupt decision to request to investigate a 7 year old video is to prevent further talk of senior government officials allegedly engaging in “un-Islamic practices” following the recent viral videos of the current Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed allegedly consuming alcohol. The commissioner was heavily criticized since under the penal code, consumption of alcohol is prohibited to all Maldivians.

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