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Maldives Police Service has issued a letter of warning accusing Crowns and Champa Company of neglecting their corporate responsibility regarding the Italian tourist who was tested positive for Covid19. Authorities say that the resort management was aware that the tourist had symptoms of COVID19, however chose to withhold this critical information, and allowed the tourist to leave the country without proper protective measures. The tourists in question left Maldives on the 23rd of February after spending  their holiday in Lh.Kurehdhoo.

The warning was issued to the corporation based on four main legal grounds, which were article one of chapter 121, chapter 533, chapter 615 and chapter 618. The article one of chapter 121 states that if a careless action of one person results in the death or serious injury, said person will be held liable for his negligence. Article one of chapter 533 state that obstruction of government operations, refusing to act to a formal notice, or any other action that may result in someone else losing their right, and any obstruction to government operations is a punishable crime. Article one, subsection 6 of chapter 615 states that creating any form of tension within the local communities is a crime. The article one of chapter 618 states that failure to warn others of a foreseeable danger can be deemed as misconduct.

This case was filed for investigation by the current Prosecutor General Hussein Shameem. The managing director of the Crowns and Champa Company is the famous business tycoon Ahmed Saleem. Notable shareholders include Champa Mohamed Moosa and his brother  Champa Afeef.

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