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One of the world’s leading research scientist William Haseltine has warned countries not to depend on a vaccine against COVID 19 and to vigorously test and trace cases where ever they pop up. Haseltine who is a lead researcher against Cancer, HIV/AIDS and in the human genome project says that the vaccines made for other strains of the corona virus fails to protect the mucous membrane within the nasal cavity through which the virus enters the body.

“I wouldn’t count on it” continued Haseltine who pointed out that without an effective treatment, the only means to control its spread will be through isolating the exposed and to practice the use of social distancing and masks. According to Haseltine,  Asian countries such as China and South Korea has done an exceedingly good job in curbing infection rates through isolation and mass testing while countries like the US and Brazil has failed to curb the spread of COVID 19.

Tests conducted on animals have shown reduced viral loads in their organs but it still does not give the level of immunity scientists expect from a vaccine such Polio vaccine which has a successful immunization rate of 99-100%. Currently, medical professionals are using antibody-rich plasma from patients who recovered from COVID 19  as a possible cure for the disease. Drug makers are currently working on “monocloning” these antibodies to make a more concentrated dose of antibody to act as a neutralizing agent for COVID 19.

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