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Maldives Police Service has initiated an investigation into the assault on the Opposition VP and MP for the Naifaru Constituency Hon. Ahmed Shiyam by MPs representing the ruling party. The attack which was allegedly instigated by the Speaker of the Parliament  Hon. Mohamed Nasheed has left the Opposition VP with a Spinal Compression and fractured ribs.

Amidst the session held to amend the Constitution of Maldives on 2nd June 2020, MP Ahmed Shiyam brought forward Procedural Issues with the session which contravenes with the Parliament Rules of Procedure which was promptly rejected by the Speaker who then called forward MP Ahmed Shiyam’s name and asked the Sargent-at-arms to remove the opposition VP from parliament Chambers.

The assault took place shortly afterwards when the Speaker of the Parliament allegedly left his seat and asked the ruling party MP’s to forcibly remove the Opposition VP form the chambers. According to MP’s present within the hall, the speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed allegedly said that “Beat him up and throw him out of here”. Following this command, the 65 member ruling party Parliamentary Group attacked the 8 MP’s representing the opposition alliance driving them out of the chamber and amending the constitution.

According to a nonpartisan MP representing the Nolhivaram Constituency MP Hon. Mohamed Nasheed Abdullah, majority of the parliamentarians who took part in the assault were under the influence of intoxicants and that the parliament chambers had a distinctive smell of alcohol.

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