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In an unexpected turn of events, Israeli Supreme Court has struck down a 2017 law legalizing Israeli settlements over Private Palestinian lands. The decision came following the matter being in limbo at the Israeli Supreme Court for some months with multiple petitions submitted against it.

The law which has legalized the seizure of some 4,000 Palestinian lands in the West Bank was described by the Chief Justice Esther Hayut as a law which “unequally infringes on the property rights of Palestinian residents while giving preference to the propriety interests of Israeli settlers”. The striking down of the law pushed forward by ruling Likud Party, legalizes seizure of Palestinian lands if an Israeli citizen builds any structure over a Palestinian land without prior knowledge of land ownership or if under government directives.

While the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office described the matter as “unfortunate” and “an important law for settlement activity and its future”, while ruling Likud Party’s coalition partner Blue and White Party said that the law runs “counter to the constitutional situation in Israel” and that they will respect the court’s ruling and will aid in implementing it.

The situation in the middle east is at a critical stage, following the breakdown of U.S President Trump’s peace plan after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  declared his intentions to proceed with the West Bank annexation, Palestinian authorities have declared their intention to declare statehood with international support from allied nations and support groups.

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