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The Opposition coalition has released a statement expressing their concern for the continued annexation of West Bank by the Israeli government.  Following the Israeli government’s decision to disregard the recent rulings by its Supreme Court and proceed with the annexation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank against the proposed peace plans by U.S president Trump, the Progressive Congress Coalition called on to the world states to recognize Israel’s aggression and provocations as a violation of international laws.

The former Minister at President’s office and head of foreign relations PNC Deputy leader Mohamed Hussein Shareef stated that the Maldivian foreign policy has always advocated for peace and stability in the Middle East while supporting the Palestinian right to a homeland.  He continued on to state how the Israeli government’s planned annexation of Palestinian lands is a breach in the UN charter and against the Geneva convention and how it could incite war and unrest in the already destabilized region.

The statement ended with reassurance by the opposition coalition to the Palestinian people that the opposition alliance will not waver their solidarity with Palestine. The opposition coalition highlighted on the bond between Palestine and Maldives, made during President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s administration carried on to President Waheed and President Yameen’s administration.  The opposition coalition also called on incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Foreign minister Abdulla Shahid to carry on the foreign policies by the previous administration, supporting the Palestinian people and their right to an independent home land.

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