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Residents of Kulhudhuffushi raise concern over state officials and members of the media visitng the island in preparation for the controversial Cochin ferry, violating the quarantine protocol in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic citing a “special permit” from the HPA. Prominent opposition activist  Mr. Abdurahman Ismail said that normal visitors arriving to the island undergo 14 days of isolated quarantine as per the HPA protocols. However, state employees, state media PSM and Raajje Tv journalists did not undergo the quarantine citing a special permit by the HPA.

Mr. Abdurahman Ismail said that the visitors who arrived in preparation of the Cochin ferry are freely walking around the city, which poses a danger to the whole island which houses over 8,266 residents. Mr. Abdurahman Ismail further said that ” HPA cannot issue special permits just like that. With Allah SWT’s grace this island has been COVID free and these people are roaming around the island and entering hotels and restaurants as they please, this is a risk to us all.”. He further questioned the logic behind the HPA special permits and whether gaining such a permit would nullify the risks of COVID-19 and the chances of spreading it.

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