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A foreign Cyber hacking group has been taking down Maldivian government websites in protest of what was dubbed “Royal Rape” case. The case dubbed “Royal Rape Case” by mainstream media refers to the alleged assault and rape of a Kenyan expat by two Maldivian men with close relations to the ruling party. On the early hours of 26th June 2020, two individuals were arrested by Maldives Police Service from the scene of crime, but was later freed without any charges  allegedly due to their close ties with the government. The suspects were later identified as Shah Hassan, the spouse for Hinnavaru Constituency MP Jeehaan Mahmoud and Wisam Hassan, a close relative of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Anonymous Kenya affiliated account takes down President’s office website.

A twitter account operating under the name “@VirusSec” believed to be affiliated with “Anonymous Kenya” has been taking down Maldivian government websites since 24th September 2020. As of the publication of this article, the websites of President’s Office along with Maldives Inland Revenue Authority remain inaccessible with an additional 17 government websites taken down since cyber-attack began.

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