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Former President of the Indian National Congress Rahul Gandhi has been arrested following a clash with Uttar Pradesh police. Rahul Gandhi who currently serves as the member of Lok Sabha for the Wayanad constituency was on his way to the city of Hathras to meet the grieving family of the rape victim whose body was summarily cremated without the family’s permission.

The attack on the victim took place on September 14 when 4 men of the Indian upper-caste raped, strangled and attacked the lower dalit-caste women. She was left with a naked, bleeding with a broken neck and paralysis. Her medical examination showed that her tongue was torn while she had severe damage to her cervix to the point that her spine was broken from attacking inside the cervix, paralyzing her from waist down.

Following the attack she was provided some medical help but passed away due to the injuries, after which she was quickly cremated following outrage all over the nation.

Opposition Rahul Gandhi’s wish to meet the Dalit family was seen as a game changer as in India, the lower dalit-caste are not even allowed to have their shadows cast on the shadows of an upper-caste member. However, Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Hathras was cut short when Uttar Pradesh police blocked their vehicles from entering the city after which they proceeded to walk to the city. Rahul Gandhi was then attacked and lathi charged by the police who then arrested him and his sister Priyanka Gandhi on charges of section 188 – defying official orders. Rahul Gandhi and his sister has since been released after driving them back to New Dehli.

India’s caste system has long since been the breeding grounds for violent attacks on the lower caste members. And with the advent of the internet, these attacks are now being actually broadcasted to the world bringing the grim reality of life for the 200 million citizens of India designated as “untouchable”.

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