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The Indian expat who made headlines last night after an intoxicated confrontation with the Maldives Police Service has been released after a short arrest. The foreigner who was found intoxicated and shouting racist slurs against Maldivians was arrested earlier today after he was discharged from the hospital after passing out from intoxication.

In a video making rounds on the social media, the individual identified to be an Indian, claimed that the police cannot touch him in the Maldives and boasts on having full control of all the judicial courts in the Maldives. The foreign individual also made sacrilegious comments on Islam, much to the outrage of the public.

Amidst growing concern on the Indian influence on the Maldives, the statement by the intoxicated individual has been deemed by many as a sign of Indian diplomats holding undue power over the government and judiciary of the Maldives. Public sentiment has been overwhelmingly negative on the release of the foreign individual with many calling out on the Maldives Police’s lackluster effort in apprehending Indians committing crime in the Maldives.

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