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Over 100kg of narcotics has been seized in Addu city following today’s anti-narcotics operation by Maldives Police Service. Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed tweeted stating that the operation was conducted by  the Drug Enforcement Depart was working in coordination with the Drugs Intelligence Unit, Divisional Intelligence Department, Marine Police and the Southern Division of the Police service.

Abdullah Athif, a known drug peddler in the south with former President Mohamed Nasheed.

According to Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed, several individuals were arrested along with the seizure of a high amount of narcotics. The Police is yet to reveal the details of the operation but sources close to the operation has informed MNN that over 100kg of narcotics were seized today. Several senior activists of the ruling party MDP were also arrested including one of the MDP Addu city Council candidates and Abdullah Ibrahim, a known drug runner with an extensive history of crime including gang rape and gang violence.

Abdullah Athif is a senior activist of ruling party MDP in Addu City.

Abdullah Athif who was arrested last after being caught with over 6kg of narcotics was freed shortly after his arrest due to irregularities on his arrest. A senior activist of the ruling party MDP, Athif is known to be a close associate of former President Mohamed Nasheed, North Hithadhoo MP Mohamed Aslam and Addu Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam.

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