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According to the International Council or Nurses (ICN), over 70%of nurses in the world are being subjected to violence and discrimination amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Howard Catton, the Chief Executive of ICN said that the organization is “extremely concerned” on the mental health of nurses worldwide. A study conducted by ICN with participants from over 130 countries, showed that majority of the nurses are facing discrimination form even outside their work with many landlords refusing to renew the lease on their apartments citing the high risk of infection faced by nurses.

Moreover many nurses have been subjected to violence in executing their medical duties. ICN has noted that even COVID-19 patients are attacking the nurses, who are forced to work around the clock with sometimes up to 48 hours nonstop shifts.

Speaking to Reuters, Howard Catton reiterated on the negative impact of the discrimination and violence on the mental health of nurses. According to data, the suicide rates amongst nurses have increased by up to 28%, 23 times higher than any other group. “Over 70% of nurses have been subjected to violence or discrimination and as a result of that they are very concerned about extreme cases of psychological distress and mental health pressure.” said Howard Catton.

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