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Two major electoral polls in the US which correctly predicted US President Donald Trump’s win in2016 is now predicting a landslide win for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Both the TechnoMetrica poll and the LA Times poll predicted Trump’s win in 2016 at 2% and 3.2% points in 2016. The results backed this prediction as Trump won over Hillary Clinton with 2.1% points.

Both polls are now predicting that President Trump will lose to Joe Biden by 8.5% and 13% respectively. The results showed that support for Joe Biden amongst Democrats are higher than it was with Hillary Clinton 4 years ago. The results are consistent with other smaller, similar polls conducted where Joe Biden is consistently predicted to win.

Another more algorithm based poll prediction model by “The Economist” which predicted 20,000 possible outcomes of the electoral college votes has also predicted a landslide win for Joe Biden. Though the TechnoMetrica Poll and the LA Times poll predict the popular vote, the advanced prediction model by “The Economist” predicts only the electoral college votes, which ultimately decides who will stay in the White House for the next four years.

According to the prediction model, Joe Biden has a 81% chance of winning  the electoral college while President Donald Trump has only a 9% chance. The prediction laid out that Joe Biden will win 347 electoral votes while President Trump will only gain 191 votes. While only 270 electoral votes are required to secure a win, Joe Biden is likely to take office in the White House again.

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