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The Anti-Corruption Commission of Maldives has released a statement regarding the corruption involved in procuring 75 ventilators for the COVID-19 pandemic. The statement released today states that the Anti-Corruption Commission had initiated the investigation on 14th April 2020 and that the Investigation ended on 13th October 2020.

The massive investigation was conducted in collaboration with Maldives Police Service with information gathered from 8 institutions with over 1600 documents collected along with backups of 500 emails and 36 statements. The statement released by the Anti-Corruption Commission of Maldives stated that the names of 11 people will be sent to the Prosecutor General’s office to press charges.  Details of the individuals being sent for prosecution was also included in the statement.

  1. Minister of Health Abdullah Ameen
  2. Ministry of Health Deputy Minister Nishama Mohamed.
  3. Ministry of Health Director Naushad Ali
  4. Ministry of Health Bid Committee member Aiminath Shaufa
  5. Ministry of Health Assistant Director Fathmath Limya
  6. Ministry of Health Finance Executive Director Ahmed Aslam
  7. Ministry of Health Deputy Minister Shiyama Mohamed
  8. Ministry of Health Legal Officer Ali Shiham
  9. Ministry of Health Assistant Director Abdulla Hafeez
  10. Ministry of Health Assistant Administrative Officer Hussein Niyaz
  11. Ministry of Health Deputy Director General Abdullah Shareef

The individuals involved in the embezzlement scam will be charge under article 511,512,513,311 and 313 of the penal code. The ventilator corruption case has been the subject of public outrage with Minister Abdullah Ameen on leave since the accusations began floating. The President’s Office is yet to make a statement on the allegations against Health Minister Abdullah Ameen. As of now Health Ministry is managed by Acting minister Ahmed Aslam.

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  1. This government came to power claiming they are going to eradicate corruption. They said that president Yameen was correct. Just one year into there office we are now hearing of people not just the president but his ministers and junior people all embezzling public funds.
    This ludicrously has to stop president Solih has failed Mr Nasheed is sick he is suffering from manic depressive psychosis he cannot rule this country

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