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Opposition Vice-President MP Ahmed Shiyam has stated that the current government has handed over control of the Maldivian economy to India. Speaking at the Parliament, the Naifaru Constituency MP heavily criticized the current government and its policies.

“What we are seeing today is the creation of bills to facilitate the formation of more political posts while the people are suffering. Today, the financial intelligence works integral for our economy are being done by our neighboring country (India), we have given up on hoping that a good substantial foreign investment will come here. This is planned negligence by President Solih to destroy the off the future of this country.” stated MP Ahmed Shiyam.

He further alleged that the state was money laundering to cover up the state deficits caused by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration. While condemning the current administration’s alleged money laundering, MP Ahmed Shiyam also criticized the “Pavement system bill” proposed today. MP Ahmed Shiyam stated that the bills presented by the current government serves as the backdrop to massive financial deals, remarking that the ruling party MP’s are unaware of the purpose of these bills.

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