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The nineteen years long Afghan war which saw the deaths of more than 110,000 Afghans and 3,500 coalition forces who invaded their country is entering into a whole new phase as US edges closer to ending its longest war. But the question remains, will the war really end after US-led forces leave Afghanistan?.

Since Taliban forces are at their greatest strength since 2001, they have started attacking and advancing in different remote areas of Afghanistan. The signaling of the departure of western forces are escalating the violence in the war torn state.

According to experts, Afghanistan is moving towards a civil war since a number of  insurgents are still operating in the country and  are at a state where they can resume fighting for land and power. Back in 1989 when soviet forces retreated from  Afghanistan, a civil war emerged in the same fashion which led the country into chaos. This fear still remains with the Afghans waiting and hoping for the best for their nation.

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