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Ruling Party MP Ahmed Rasheed (Bondaa) has accused the MDP Parliamentary Group (PG) of conducting itself in an authoritarian manner. Speaking on a program at “Sangu TV”, the Central Maafannu Constituency MP compared the ruling party MDP’s Parliamentary Group  to North Korea.

MP Ahmed Rasheed, a veteran of ruling party MDP made the accusations following a string of controversy around MDP’s Parliamentary Group’s decision to remove all the members of ACC citing lack of capacity. Criticism was built around the fact that all the members of the corruption watchdog ACC was recommended, evaluated and appointed by the MDP’s Parliamentary Group.

Speaking on the Program, MP Ahmed Rasheed stated that “Sometimes when appointing members for independent commission, things get a little North Korean. The public needs to know. There needs to be transparency. They need to know whether the decision we make are the right ones.”. He continued on to state that Parliamentary Group members at the parliament committee refuses to vote educated and capable individuals.

He further alleged that his party, ruling party MDP’s Parliamentary Group had refused to accept multiple motions and bills which would have been immensely beneficial for the public. According to MP Ahmed Rasheed, a specific group of MP’s allegedly hold control over the Parliamentary Group and dictates all decisions on all subjects.  MP Ahmed Rasheed’s accusations against his own party comes at a time when his party’s super-majority led Parliamentary Group has been pushed into the limelight for its lackluster efforts in the parliament.

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