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The city council of Gn. Fuvahmulah has ordered  to stop the construction of current Technology Minister Mohamed Maleeh Jamaal’s home in his home island.

Construction of the land plot belonging to Minister Mohamed Maleeh Jamaal and his siblings were brought to a halt after the Fuvahmulah city council intervened. According to the  An illegal construction project was ongoing while the city council interfered the project and stopped it today. According to official’s, the construction project was  being conducted outside the allocated boundary for the land plot. According to Fuvahmulah City Council, the construction was being conducted within the protected Marshlands area and following public complaints, the owners has been asked to put a halt on the construction.

This incident was reported by locals in the area while construction was ongoing beyond the allocated land for the family. It is unclear whether the Council will fine the Technology Minister Mohamed Maleeh Jamaal and his siblings, but on different occasions, senior officials within this government has been criticized for misusing their authority and for violating government rules and regulations.

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