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The Progressive Congress Coalition has released a statement following the Prosecutor General’s Decision to press charges against Acting leader of the opposition. According to the statement, the opposition coalition accuses President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of botching the COVID-19 relief efforts with the public losing confidence over the current administration over its impunity and selective justice.

The Progressive Congress Coalition further stated that the current situation had turned President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih into a “nervous wreck”. They further alleged him of ordering his brother-in-law Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed and the Prosecutor General of targeting all critics of the government including the opposition leadership, independent press and rights activists.

The statement described charges raised against the Acting leader and political rival for the use of obscene language as evidence of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s paranoia and desperation. The statement also highlighted on their leader former President Abdulla Yameen’s plight describing the case as “trumped-up, politically motivated charges” and accused the current administration of violating the fundamental rights of the former President Abdulla Yameen.

The opposition alliance closed of their statement pointing out that the opposition coalition will not be bullied, intimidated or silenced. The statement by the opposition coalition also coincides with the arrival of US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. It is unclear whether the opposition coalition will be meeting the US Secretary of State.

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