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The Parliament Judiciary Committee has decided to advise the Prosecutor General to review his decision not to prosecute the individuals indicted by the Anti-Corruption Commission on the “Ventilator Corruption” case.

The Prosecutor General’s decision not to prosecute the 11 individuals including former Health Minister Abdulla Ameen for the corruption involved in the procurement of ventilators for the COVID-19 pandemic was met with outrage from the public. The Prosecutor General’s Office stated that the office would not be pressing any charges against any individuals citing lack of conclusive evidence provided by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

However, ACC has refuted this and maintained that the commission had provided the Prosecutor General’s Office with enough to prosecute all 11 individuals.

The Parliament’s Judiciary Committee’s decision to intervene and advise on this case comes after a ruling party MP submitted a no-confidence motion against the current ACC members. Though the motion failed to garner support, both ACC and the Prosecutor General are facing public criticism over their handling of this case.

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