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Opposition Vice-President Ibrahim Shujau has announced that the Progressive Congress Coalition will hold a special rally on 03 November 2020 to commemorate the Victory Day. At a special press conference held today, PNC Vice-President Ibrahim Shujau called out on the current administration’s refusal to celebrate victory day.

At the press conference, PNC Vice-President Ibrahim Shujau stated that “Just like last year, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will not commemorate Victory Day. Because we all know that his Father-in-Law was behind the 03 November 1988 terror attack. We know he won’t commemorate it.”.

He further went on to state that Justice for religion, ourselves, this nation and economy can only be gained now through voicing out against the injustices of the current administration. He also remarked on that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has lost the popular support and accused the government of delaying the Local Council Election due to the lack of support.

It is speculated that the rally will garner support due to the growing public concern over the current administration and its close ties with the Indian government. Thousands had already participated in a nationwide rally calling for the removal of Indian military presence in the Maldives and it is expected that the rally planned by the Progressive Congress Coalition will garner the same support.

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