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Norway has detected its first official case of a new strain of bird flu identified at H5N8. A cousin of the deadly 1918 Spanish flu H1N1, the H5N8 strain is generally milder and less pathogenic than its deadly cousin. However, scientists has warned that the recently discovered strain in Scandinavia is getting more pathogenic and could possibly make an interspecies jump to humans.

The spread of the contagious H5N8 virus has meant that all farm birds in Norway are now kept indoors with strict testing measures implemented nationwide. Reports of swans and geese dying en masse has been reported in as south as the London. Though British government is yet to announce any findings of the H5N8 avian flu, several people has reported of a possible sighting of infected avian around the London bridge.

While the world is still battling the COVID-19 pandemic, WHO has identified several other possible diseases which may cause another global pandemic. Last month WHO identified 4 cases of the fatal Chapare virus in Bolivia while a suspected case of Marburg Virus which has a fatality rate of 88% has been found again in rural Uganda.

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