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The marine law enforcement agencies of China and South Korea has successfully conducted their first joint naval patrolling of 2021. The operation was carried out by the China Coast guard (CCG) and the South Korean counterpart from April 20th 2021 to April 26th 2021.

The joint naval patrol was carried out in waters tentatively designated by both countries under the Fisheries Law Enforcement Agreement signed between the two nations in 2020. The operation saw the naval fleet covering a distance of 715 nautical miles under 105.5 hours.

While largely peaceful, the operation saw the fleet monitor 172 fishing vessels, and a vast number of cargo vessels while 2 vessels were caught suspected of illegally fishing within the designated waters.  The operation also so exchange of information and experience between the  Coast Guard units of the two nations.

Security within the region remains fragile as western US backed forces regularly make passage through the region in show of force against China. Though China has maintained its position within the region without the use of its military power, it’s growing global economic influence as an economic and technological powerhouse threatens the powerhold on the global economy by the US.

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