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China has provided medical aid to India amidst the raging pandemic at the heart of South Asia. According to the Chinese Ambassador to India HE Sun Weidong. In a tweet made last night, the Chinese Ambassador to India stated that in April 2021 China has supplied a myriad of medical equipment to help India battle against the double mutation strain of COVID19.

Citing the statistics of the General Administration of Customs of China, HE Sun Weidong stated that over 5,000 ventilators  along with 21,569 critically needed oxygen generators was supplied to India. Furthermore, 21.48 million masks with additional 21,48 tons of medicines was also supplied to the government of India.

China’s eagerness in helping its neighbors in controlling the COVID19 pandemic is forcing the western nations into a difficult position as China indiscriminately aids nations while the western states chose to drag its feet on calls of aid. Washington particularly has been criticized for delaying the sale of vaccine to India after India requested sale of the vaccines, which was dragged for months end citing that the “US needs to vaccinate its own people first”.

 The current outbreak of COVID19 in India is the worst outbreak recorded with 379,308 new cases reported on 28th April 2021 with 3,645 deaths reported the same day. As funeral pyres burn day in and out, criticism has also been targeted at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who prioritized political elections while endorsing several major Hindu festivals with essentially no restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID19.

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