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In a tweet made today, former Chief Justice Dr Ahmed Abdulla Didi has stated that those who violate human rights when dispersing peaceful rallies should be held accountable, along with those who command it.

The tweet was made just a day after the police was accused of using excessive force against youths protesting against sexual harassment in the Maldives. Referring to the police brutality as “Systemic Human Rights violations”, The former Chief Justice urged that those who hold command of such operations along with those who execute it should be held culpable.

He further stated that if the Maldivian judicial system is unable to implement the rule of law over those involved, then the matter should be submitted to the International Court of Justice. This comes at a time when several youth activists including members of the press has made allegations of police brutality and lack of accountability within the Maldives Police Service

Facing backlash from the public, both Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed and Home Minister Imran Abdulla has vowed to investigate the use of force used in the incident and that they would hold those involved responsible. According to the Maldives Police Service, the front line Policemen involved during the operation are now on paid leave pending investigation.

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