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President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has given the greenlight to close all government offices in the Greater Malé Area as a series of preemptive measures  taken to curb the surge in COVID19 cases in the Maldives. The announcement was made through a statement release by the President’s Office.

However, the statement also allowed for essential services to continue on uninterrupted and called on for Ministers and Heads of Offices to allow for exemption. Moreover, the statement also called on to make all public services available online. According to the statement, the directive will be effective from 05th May 2021 to 15th may 2021.

The sudden surge in COVID19 cases has reached new local records with over 400 new cases reported today. Special restrictive measures are being taken to curb the spread of the virus with the Health Protection Agency announcing curfews and inter-island travel bans. With over 400 daily new cases, Maldives has the highest infection rate globally in comparison to the population size.

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