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Xi urges world to practice true multilateralism




Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday called for improving global governance and practicing true multilateralism.

Xi made the appeal in his statement delivered via video at the general debate of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

On various occasions, the Chinese leader has emphasized the need to practice true multilateralism. The following are some highlights of his recent remarks in this regard.

Sept. 21, 2021

“In the world, there is only one international system, i.e. the international system with the United Nations at its core. There is only one international order, i.e. the international order underpinned by international law. There is only one set of rules, i.e. the basic norms governing international relations underpinned by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter,” Xi stressed in his statement delivered via video at the general debate of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The UN should hold high the banner of true multilateralism, Xi said.

A truck delivering containers prepares to enter the multimodal transport center in the China-Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) local economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone in Qingdao, east China’s Shandong Province, Nov. 9, 2020. (Xinhua/Li Ziheng)

Sept. 17, 2021

Xi addressed the 21st meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization via video link.

Xi emphasized the need to practice true multilateralism and oppose actions that undermine the international order and cause confrontation and division by claiming to use so-called rules.

“We need to boost mutually beneficial cooperation, remove trade, investment and technology barriers, and promote inclusive development that delivers benefits to all,” Xi said.

Sept. 9, 2021

Xi addressed the 13th BRICS summit via video link in Beijing.

“We need to promote the practice of true multilateralism, adhere to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, and safeguard the UN-centered international system and the international order underpinned by international law,” Xi said.

He called on BRICS countries to make good use of BRICS mechanisms such as the meeting of foreign ministers and the meeting of high representatives for security, better coordinate their positions on major international and regional issues, and send out an even bigger, collective voice of BRICS countries.

Sept. 3, 2021

Xi addressed the opening ceremony of the plenary session of the sixth Eastern Economic Forum via video link.

“We need to offer each other help to overcome the pandemic challenge,” Xi said, calling for intensifying cooperation in vaccine research, development and production, providing more public goods to the international community, firmly rejecting any politicization of COVID vaccines and origins-tracing, and striving to build a global community of health for all.

Noting that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and that China has started a new journey toward fully building a modern socialist country, Xi said China is ready to work with all parties to uphold true multilateralism, advocate trust and harmony, promote win-win cooperation, and march with firm steps toward the goal of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Herons perch on branches in Lian’ao Village of Bili Town in Luoyuan County, southeast China’s Fujian Province, June 3, 2021. (Xinhua/Wei Peiquan)

June 5, 2021

Xi sent a congratulatory letter to the World Environment Day events held in Islamabad, Pakistan.

As a participant, contributor and trailblazer in global ecological conservation, China is firmly committed to putting multilateralism into action and defending the international system with the UN at its core and the international order underpinned by international law so as to enhance global governance on the environment, Xi said.

Nov. 12, 2020

Xi delivered a speech via video at the third Paris Peace Forum.

“We need to uphold multilateralism, oppose unilateralism, hegemony and power politics, and reject all forms of terrorism and acts of extreme violence,” Xi said, calling for joint efforts to safeguard equity, justice, peace and security in the world.

Xi urged all countries to uphold international law and the basic norms governing international relations, determine their position on the merits of each matter, and rise above ideological bias and confrontation.

Aerial photo taken on Nov. 1, 2019 shows the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), the main venue for the second China International Import Expo (CIIE), in Shanghai, east China. (Xinhua/Fan Jun)

Nov. 5, 2019

“We need to promote development through opening-up and deepen exchanges and cooperation among us. We need to ‘join hands’ with each other instead of ‘letting go’ of each other’s hands. We need to ‘tear down walls,’ not to ‘erect walls.’ We need to stand firm against protectionism and unilateralism. We need to continually bring down trade barriers, optimize global value and supply chains, and jointly foster market demand,” Xi said at the opening ceremony of the Second China International Import Expo.

BEIJING, Sept. 22 (Xinhua)


Top10 students need to become teachers: Dr. Aishath Ali




Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali has stated that students who were placed in the Top 10 need to become teachers and educators.

She made the statement speaking in the Top Achiever’s Award 2019 ceremony, held Sunday night.

In her address, the Minister said that Maldives had the capacity to press ahead in academic endeavors, and one of the ways to do this was to invest in teachers. Therefore, she said, it was imperative that the best minds present head towards teaching and educating.

The Minister said that in the past 30 years, several thousand Maldivians had been placed in the global top ten. Success, she added, was not solely dependent on academic achievement but also on how much one contributed to the society and country.

Dr. Aishath further commended the parents for their unwavering belief in their children and the innumerable sacrifices.

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Maldives to host an annual invitational football tournament




Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof says that the President has instructed him to host an annual invitational football tournament.

Speaking to the press, Minister Mahloof said the success of the Oooredoo SAFF Championship highlighted the passion the country has toward football. This, he said, was the core factor for the success of the tournament. Based on this, the Minister said that the President had given a recommendation that the Maldives must host an annual invitational tournament.

Mahloof did not reveal additional details. However, he said that Bassam Adeel Jaleel, President of the Football Association of the Maldives, we’re hammering out the details.

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President says government stands ready to support all students to achieve their ambitions in their field of choice





President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that his government has and will continue to stand ready to fully support all students to achieve their career ambitions in their field of choice. The President made this statement tonight at the official awarding ceremony for A-Level Top Achievers of 2019 held at Thaajuddeen School. President Solih said that the students, now graduates, are at an important crossroads where they have to contemplate and decide on the road to take for their future. He urged students to make full use of the higher education and training opportunities offered to them by the government, in the Maldives or abroad, and fulfil their dreams in their field of choice.

President Solih congratulated all the top achievers who received awards, naming them the true guests of honour at the ceremony tonight. He stated that in addition to the students, their educators, including teachers, lead teachers and principals, and parents also deserve praise and appreciation for enabling the students to reach their dreams. The President extended his gratitude to all educators and parents for their diligence in helping the younger generations achieve their potential.

Speaking further, President Solih advised students to align their goals with the fast pace of today’s world, utilising modern technology and science for innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to create openings and develop themselves in professions that hold their interest. He urged students to aim to use the tools and opportunities available to them in today’s modern world in innovative and creative ways rather than chasing after a specific job immediately following graduation. The President described diversity and innovation as crucial for swift economic and national development, calling on parents and educators to foster creativity and innovative thinking in whichever field holds the childs’ interests.

President Solih also underlined the central role of teachers and educators in the nation, stating that there are 9119 teachers in the Maldives today; 6498 permanent Maldivian teachers, 1730 expatriate teachers and 891 temporary teachers. He expressed concern that the number of temporary teachers is on the rise, and that a lack of interest in the teaching field could lead to students not receiving the ideal education and nurture they need to achieve their individual dreams. He revealed that the government aims to conduct research into the state of the education sector and teaching vocation to determine the reason for the scarcity of permanent Maldivian educators. He further urged more Maldivians to join the vocation, stating that the younger generations need Maldivian teachers who can train them in the holy principles of Islam and foster future generations of innovative, empathetic and patriotic individuals.

Concluding his statement, President Solih entreated parents and teachers to support the government to shape the younger generations into creative thinkers who can surmount the challenges of the 21st Century, praying to Almighty Allah to bless the efforts.

First Lady Fazna Ahmed and Vice President Faisal Naseem accompanied the President in conferring certificates and awards to the top achievers at tonight’s ceremony.

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