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Top Arab actresses on Instagram (based on number of followers)




1- Yasmine Sabri (17.9 million followers)

Yasmine Sabri

Instagram followers: 17.9 million

Films/shows: Tariqi, Gahim Fel Hend, Second chance

Nationality: Egyptian

Often named as one of the MENA region’s biggest stars, Yasmine Sabri is an Egyptian actress from Alexandria. She made her acting debut in 2013 with the series “Khatawat El Shaytan” (Devil’s Steps) and was immediately recognized for her immense talent and charm.

Sabri was named Ambassador of African Women in 2019 during the Arab African Conference on Women’s Empowerment in the presence of ministers and dignitaries from across the Arab region and the African continent.

Sabri is the first Arab woman to join the Cartier family and the first to star in one of the luxury French jeweler’s global film campaigns, becoming the latest personality to join the community of fiercely feminine Panthère muses.

As a humanitarian, activist and advocate for human rights, Sabri received the “Arab Woman of the Year” award from the London Arabia Organization in 2017 for her work in promoting women’s advancement.

2- Hannah El Zahed (16.7 million followers)

Hannah El Zahed

Instagram followers: 16.7 million

Films/shows: Helwa El Donia Sokar, Sons of Adam, Wanees’s Diaries

Nationality: Egyptian

Hannah El Zahed is an Egyptian actress known for her roles in several successful Egyptian TV shows and films, most notably “Helwa El Donia Sokar” and “Qisat Hob.”

El Zahed made her acting debut in the film “Al-Meshakhsaty” in 2003. Her talent and presence on the screen landed her various roles with well-known actors, including Mohamed Sobhi and Tamer Hosny.

After a brief break in her acting career, El Zahed resumed work under the spotlight in 2014 with the film “Jimmy’s Plan.” Later in the year, she was cast in Tamer Hosny’s TV series “Farq Tawqit.”

In 2019, El Zahed starred in the TV series “El Wad Sayed El Shahat,” alongside her fiancé, Egyptian star Ahmed Fahmy. El Zahed married Fahmy on Sept. 11, 2019 in a luxurious ceremony, with Mohamed Hamaki performing his songs.

In 2020, El Zahed starred in a film that received criticism for taking place amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

3- Dorra Zarrouk (15.2 million followers)

Dorra Zarrouk

Instagram followers: 15.2 million

Films/shows: El Maestro, Al Helmeya Nights, Al Me’adeya

Nationality: Tunisian

Acclaimed Tunisian actress Dorra Zarrouk is well-known both in the Arab and international film and TV scene. Born in Tunis, Zarrouk moved to Egypt almost 15 years ago where she cultivated her acting career.

Zarrouk obtained a bachelor’s degree in law at Tunis University in 2001, then she obtained a master’s in political science from the Saint Joseph University in Lebanon in 2003.

Despite her academic background, Zarrouk started performing even before she entered university. Zarrouk had a successful career in Tunisia starring in theater, on TV and in Tunisian films, going on to land a small number of international roles in French, English and Syrian productions, making use of her ability to speak English, French and Arabic.

4- Yasmine Abdulaziz (15 million followers)

Yasmine Abdulaziz

Instagram followers: 15 million

Films/shows: Al Rahina, Zaki Chan, Doctor Omar’s Gang

Nationality: Egyptian

Yasmine Abdulaziz is an Egyptian actress who started her acting career through commercials aged 12. She kicked off her cinema and television career with the series “A Woman From The Love Time.”

While many Egyptian actresses of her era focused on television movies, Abdulaziz opted for more roles in cinema films. She made her second big success by appearing with the comedian Ahmed Helmi in a romantic comedy named “Zaki-Chan,” which made tremendous gains at the box office in its first week.

Known mostly for her roles in comedy films, Abdulaziz led a successful career in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern film scene.

5- Nadine Nassib Njeim (14.4 million followers)

Nadine Nassib Njeim

Instagram followers: 14.4 million

Films/shows: Al Hayba, Samra, 2020, Five: Thirty

Nationality: Lebanese-Tunisian

Nadine Nassib Njeim is a Lebanese Tunisian model and actress known for winning the 2004 Miss Lebanon beauty contest. She represented Lebanon in Miss Universe 2005 in Thailand.

Njeim is also an Instagram influencer with over 14.4 million followers on the platform.

Njeim started her modelling career when she was 16. In 2004, she participated in the Miss Lebanon beauty pageant and took home the winning crown. A few years later, she scored her first role on TV and was recognized for her immense talent, taking home the Murex d’or award.

Since passing on her title as Miss Lebanon, Njeim has pursued a career in acting, and has been cast in various lead roles for many well-known television shows in the Middle East such as “Law and Cello”, “Samra”, “3eshk El-Nesa”, “Al-Hayba,” and “2020.”

Njeim was the first Arab actress to be nominated to the Seoul International Film Festival for Best Actress for her performance in “Samra.”

6- Donia Samir Ghanem (13.5 million followers)

Donia Samir Ghanem

Instagram followers: 13.5 million

Films/shows: El Farah, Fi Al La La Land, Amir and the Journey of Legends

Nationality: Egyptian

Donia Samir Ghanem is an Egyptian actress and singer. She is the daughter of actor and comedian Samir Ghanem and actress Dalal Abdel Aziz.

Ghanem graduated from MSA University and began her career in art in 2001 when she was 16. Her first role on TV was on a show titled “Justice has many faces.”

The show attracted many filmmakers to her talent and she was cast in various Egyptian and Arab films, alongside well-known stars such as Mohamed Henedy.

Ghanem was a judge on the fourth season of The X Factor Arabia along with Elissa and Ragheb Alama, and is the goodwill ambassador to UNICEF Egypt.


Source: Arab News

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The President reopens the newly upgraded Olympus building





President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Saturday officially reopened the Olympus building following a significant modernisation and upgrading project of the cinema and theatre. The building was renovated and modernised as part of the administration’s policy on providing avenues to promote the creative skills and talent of the youth.

The project was funded by the government and a “High Impact Community Development Project” grant from the government of India. Improvements made to the theatre building include the installation of a retractable motorised screen, a modern digital projector, new surround sound and lighting systems, a control room, and the addition of practise rooms and changing rooms.

The upgrades to the theatre also include a more spacious café, a backyard stage for small events and concerts, and ramps for wheelchair accessibility. Olympus was opened 64 years ago, in 1959, and paved the way for developing the music, motion picture, and performing arts industries.

First Lady Fazna Ahmed, High Commissioner of India to the Maldives, Ministers and entertainment industry stakeholders attended the ceremony.

Source(s): President Office.

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Music sensation Yohani’s first trip to Maldives





By; Fathimath Lauza.

Manike mage hite mudle nara hangum yave avilevi….’ There are few individuals who do not know what this melody is. The delicate and excellent song of the melody has been memorized.
This is one of the melodies that brought coolness and delight to everyone’s hearts and associated everybody around the world with music.
The cherish melody, sung by Sri Lankan artist Yohannes De Silva, has been tuned in to more than 200 million times on YouTube. She is right now in Maldives .This is her first music performance in Maldives. Yohani is the uncommon visitor of the Chanacha music show. Yohani does not have a place to a melodic family. But since childhood he played music and sang. His mother to begin with instructed him to play a melodic instrument.
Her guardians have organized and backed her music career. In 2016, she made her possess YouTube channel whereas practicing melodies by different craftsmen. YouTube was her to begin with major stage amid the lockdown.
“Everybody had to remain at domestic and had nothing to do. I thought I’d sing a cover melody,” she said. She said she never thought the song would ended up so well known whereas sitting on the couch at domestic. There’s no particular arrange or procedure behind the song’s victory. Everybody was impressed by Yohani’s wonderful voice, expert articulation and lovely melody.
Before working full-time within the music industry, Yohani worked within the corporate segment. This may shock numerous individuals. But she had a master’s degree in bookkeeping. But indeed whereas considering in a totally distinctive field,she doesn’t turn absent from music. “When I was examining in Australia, I would go domestic after lesson and sing a melody and record it,” she said.
She is as of now working for a major Indian record label. She lives in Mumbai, India, singing for huge Bollywood stars. No one would have thought that a vocalist from a South Asian nation like Sri Lanka would gotten to be a world prevalent star.

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2022 Mid-Autumn Festival Gala: A family feast for Chinese worldwide





The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is celebrated by millions of people on the 15th day of the eighth month on the Chinese lunar calendar. This year, the day falls on September 10.

The Mid-autumn festival is not just about family reunions. It’s also about the joy of harvesting, romance and the harmony between humans and nature.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a synthesis of seasonal customs in autumn, and most of the festival elements it contains have ancient origins. An essential part of the festival celebration is moon worshipping. In ancient agrarian societies, people believed that the moon’s operation was closely related to agricultural production and seasonal changes, so the Moon Festival became a critical ritual activity.

Since ancient times, there have been many legends about the moon in China. For the Chinese, the moon is symbolized as being holy, pure and noble. Over tens of thousands of poems describing the moon have been recorded.

There are many interesting stories explaining the origin of the festival. The story of Chang’e and Hou Yi is the most widely accepted. Long ago there was a beautiful lady, Chang’e, whose husband was a brave archer, Hou Yi. But one day she drank a bottle of elixir that made her immortal to honor her husband’s instructions to keep it safe. Then she was separated from her beloved husband, floating up into the sky, and finally landing on the moon, where she lives to this day.

In modern times the festival has evolved to the point where eating mooncakes has become a custom throughout China. Folk customs feature a series of festive activities such as moon viewing with families, guessing lantern riddles, carrying brightly lit lanterns, performing dragon and lion dances and more.

CMG’s Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

Presented by China Media Group (CMG), the annual gala, also known as Qiuwan in Chinese, began at 8 p.m. Beijing Time on September 10 and lasted over two hours, presenting a creative and excellent extravaganza to audiences from all over the world.

The gala was divided into three chapters, started with Kunqu Opera and Pingtan (a regional musical/oral performance art). It presented a unique “Suzhou-style Mid-Autumn Festival” show with the cultural characteristics of waterfront towns south of the Yangtze River.

The gala featured an all-star cast. In Jiyang Lake Park at Zhangjiagang of Jiangsu Province, the main venue, Chinese stars including Li Yugang, Huang Ling and Na Ying staged various styles of songs. Among the many moon-themed songs were new renditions of traditional Chinese poetry of the great poets of the past.

Shenzhou-14 taikonauts Chen Dong, Liu Yang and Cai Xuzhe spent the first ever “Mid-Autumn Festival in Space” on China’s space station. The three taikonauts recorded an exclusive video for the gala, sending their Mid-Autumn wishes and a “lucky star” to the Chinese people worldwide.

As an annual event that unites Chinese people worldwide, CMG’s Mid-Autumn Festival Gala has attracted widespread attention from domestic and international media since its official announcement.

Over the Moon – CGTN’s Mid-Autumn Festival Live Show

On the day of the festival, CGTN also brought the “Over the Moon – Mid-Autumn Festival Live Show” to global audiences to showcase the vigor and charm of traditional Chinese culture from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The Live Show strung together a series of featured programs including “The Chat Room”, VIBE’s Mid-Autumn special edition, Mid-Autumn Night in Dunhuang, and CMG’s Mid-Autumn Festival gala.

For thousands of years, the full moon and the family reunion have been the consistent themes of the Mid-Autumn Festival, along with sipping tea, reciting poems, talking about different traditions in various countries, enjoy the “moon” and even interacting with “the jade rabbit” in the XR virtual scene and travel through ancient and modern times to celebrate the festival; the six-hour live show featured some of the best Mid-Autumn Festival programs and videos produced by CGTN using advanced audiovisual technology.

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