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Muizzu: Will commence efforts to remove foreign soldiers on first day in office




President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, stressing no foreign soldiers can be based in the Maldives against the wishes of Maldivian people, has stated he will commence efforts to remove all foreign soldiers based in the Maldives on the first day in office.

Speaking at an event held at the Social Centre on Monday night to mark his victory in the presidential election – he underscored his pledge to ensure the independence of Maldives, adding that people had voted for him due to the pledge. He stressed that these efforts would commence immediately after he is sworn in.

In this regard, he reaffirmed his intention to remove foreign soldiers from the Maldives within the constraints of law.

Muizzu, citing the people have decided they do not want the presence of foreign soldiers, emphasized no foreign soldiers can stay in Maldives against the people’s wishes.

“Therefore, what I have to say to the ambassador who will come to meet me is close relations can be maintained based on this condition,” he added.

The president-elect, noting the presence of foreign soldiers was not only the issue, said the country’s economy was enslaved as well. In this trajectory, he said half of the nation’s debt has been owed to a specific country.

Nevertheless, he expressed confidence in solving such issues through diplomatic channels as prescribed.


Muizzu noted that various ambassadors of foreign nations have requested meetings during the ongoing transitional period, adding such meetings will be held in accordance with the law.

He described his foreign policy in his administration as ‘Pro-Maldives’ policy, detailing the policy prioritizes national interest while holding diplomatic relations with foreign nations that support the policy.

Muizzu said stability needs to be ascertained across the nation. In this regard, he said every single citizen prioritizing national interest as the path for national development.

Therefore, he stressed the need for every citizen to resolve to put the nation’s interests first.

Speaking further, Muizzu said the results of Saturday’s election showed that the Maldivian people did not wish for things to proceed at the speed which it has during the five-years of the current administration.

“That they wish to hand over the pickup of our ailing economy to people who can. That we need to ensure our youths are respectable and financially sound. We are seeing how people have said this,” he said.

He went onto say that the election results had translated to how women wished to be financially empowered and how senior citizens wished for the chance to serve the nation.

“That we want to instill the national spirit within us. That we do not want the Dhivehi Language to fade away. That our Islamic religion is more important to us. That we need to make nationalism what we prioritize the most,” he said.



Iran, EU call for swift cessation of Gaza conflict





TEHRAN, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) — Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell have highlighted the necessity to end the conflict in the Gaza Strip as soon as possible.

In a phone call on Saturday, the two sides discussed the latest developments in Gaza as well as cooperation between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), according to a statement published on the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s website on Sunday.

The Iranian foreign minister stressed the need to stop the Israeli “crimes” against Palestinians, noting that it was necessary to immediately end Israel’s military attacks against people in Gaza and prepare the ground for the delivery of more humanitarian aid to the coastal enclave.

He warned of Israel’s “plot” and move to forcefully displace the Palestinian people from their land, and an expansion of the conflict in the region if the Israeli attacks were not stopped.

Amir-Abdollahian blamed the “U.S. support as the main factor encouraging Israel to continue its military aggression against and killing of civilians in Gaza,” stressing that Washington’s policies in support of Israel also played an important role in prolonging and expanding the conflict.

He pointed to Iran’s cooperation with the IAEA, saying it would continue within technical and legal frameworks.

The EU foreign policy chief, for his part, emphasized the need to reduce tensions in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank as soon as possible, stressing that the EU was making efforts to make Israel committed to respecting international law.

He underlined Iran’s role in helping ease tensions in the region, saying “we also believe that the solution to Palestine’s issue is focusing on the diplomatic path and the continuation of the military attacks will only exacerbate the tensions.”

Borrell expressed hope that the constructive cooperation between Iran and the IAEA would continue.

On Oct. 7, Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel, firing thousands of rockets and infiltrating Israeli territory, while Israel responded with airstrikes, ground operations and punitive measures that included a siege on the Gaza Strip.

More than 15,000 people have been killed in Gaza since the beginning of the conflict, with 75 percent of them being children, women and the elderly, according to the Gaza-based Health Ministry. Israeli authorities said about 1,200 people were killed on the Israeli side, mostly during the Hamas surprise attack.

Source(s): Xinhua

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Hassan Latheef elected leader of Democrats with 1,704 votes





Preliminary results show that The Democrats’ Interim Chairperson Hassan Latheef led polls to win the party’s leadership during the internal elections held on Saturday.

As per the preliminary results announced by Central Henveiru MP Ali Azim on behalf of The Democrats on Sunday night, West Henveiru MP Hassan Latheef received 1,704 votes while his competitor, former STO MD Hussain Amer Rashad received 1,300 votes.

Azim said The Democrats had 5.083 members as of Saturday, of which 3,209 members voted in the internal election – amounting to 54 percent of the members. He added that this marks the highest number of members who have voted in the internal election of a political party in recent times.

The internal election on Saturday which was held from 10:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday was to elect members for 32 posts within the party, including the posts of the party’s leader and deputy leader. A total of 70 members contested for the posts.

Some members took to social media last night to express discontent after the publication of the results of the election was delayed. Some of them alleged alterations to the results as well.

Near 10pm, The Democrats, in its official account on X, said the results will be announced today.

An hour after the post, Hassan Latheef announced his win. Amr contested the claim, citing he had been leading polls as per the result sheet.

However, in a turn of events on Sunday, Amr said he will no longer comment on the results.

The Democrats was formed from a breakaway faction from main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), which comprised of members that supported former president Mohamed Nasheed.

The party received the green light from the Elections Commission to proceed with its formation on May 24th.

Following this, the party contested September’s presidential election coming in third with 15,800 votes.

As per EC, The Democrats had 3,280 as of the end of August.


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MP Saleem elected parliament’s deputy speaker





Hoarafushi MP Ahmed Saleem, on Sunday night, has been elected the deputy speaker of the parliament.

The post of the deputy speaker of the parliament became vacant following the resignation of former deputy speaker, North Galolhu MP Eva Abdulla earlier today.

Subsequently, the parliament scheduled a sitting for 8:30pm tonight, to elect a new deputy speaker.

The majority party in the parliament, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) put forth the names of MP Saleem and Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir for deputy speaker during the sitting.

MP Jabir’s name was put forth by Thoddoo MP Hassan Shiyan and seconded by Gadhdhoo MP Ahmed Zahir. Although MP Jabir had expressed interest in the post earlier, it was MP Saleem who won the vote taken by MDP’s parliamentary group earlier in the note.

The secret vote taken to elect a deputy speaker of the parliament was counted by a five-member committee constituted for the purpose. The committee comprised of Mahibadhoo MM Ahmed Thoriq, North Machangolhi MP Mohamed Rasheed, Thulusdhoo MP Ibrahim Naseer, South Henveiru MP Hussain Shaheem and Nolhivaram MP Mohamed Rasheed – who received the unanimous approval of 60 lawmakers.

Sunday night’s secret vote was won by MP Saleem.

A total of 74 lawmakers participated in the vote. MP Saleem received 51 votes while MP Jabir received 23 votes.

MP Eva resigned as deputy speaker at a sitting held on Sunday morning to hear the no-confidence motion filed against her by MDP.

During the sitting, she was granted the opportunity to present her defense; an opportunity she took up.

However, concluding her defense, Eva said she had tendered her resignation.

Shortly afterwards, Parliament Speaker Mohamed Aslam, who presided over the sitting, confirmed he had received Eva’s resignation letter. After reading aloud the letter, Speaker Aslam announced his decision to accept the resignation.

The no-confidence motion against Eva was submitted by MDP with the signatures of 50 lawmakers.

Prior to this, MDP had also filed a no-confidence motion against former speaker Mohamed Nasheed, Eva’s cousin and fellow member of The Democrats. Nasheed tendered his resignation after stalling to motion from proceeding for days.


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