The People’s Majilis of Maldives has publicized photos of the injuries inflicted on the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed following the 06th May 2021 terror attack. According to the Parliament, the photos were published with the authorization of the Speaker. The following images are unedited as it was publishedContinue Reading

India has officially recorded more than 1.57 million new COVID-19 cases within the past 7 days. The situation in India is exacerbated by the dramatic decrease in COVID-19 vaccination as vaccine supplies and transportation system breaks down amidst the worst breakout recorded in recent history. The total number of COVID-19Continue Reading

On 17th November 2018 President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih began his term with promises of zero tolerance to corruption, transparency, good governance and pledged to empower the local councils. In an act of empowering the local councils, Male’ City hall was granted full guardianship of the capital city and its “GreaterContinue Reading

Sri Lankan Government led by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has finalized the terms of a $500 million concession loan from China. The loan was confirmed by Sri Lankan authorities as the meeting with the seven member delegation from Chinese Communist Party ended. The delegation led by Yang Jeichi, the DirectorContinue Reading