The Maldives Tourism Ministry has released  preliminary draft of the guideline that will be followed when Maldives re-opens is gates for tourism. The draft will be up for amendment till the end of this month. According to the new guideline, all incoming tourists will be charged $100 on arrival asContinue Reading

Huawei Chairman Guo Ping says that the tech giant is on “Survival Mode” following further restrictions by the US Commerce department. On Friday the 14th of May 2020, the US Commerce Department made the decision to bar Huawei from purchase and us of all US software and technology including accessContinue Reading

Maldives Police Service has issued a letter of warning accusing Crowns and Champa Company of neglecting their corporate responsibility regarding the Italian tourist who was tested positive for Covid19. Authorities say that the resort management was aware that the tourist had symptoms of COVID19, however chose to withhold this criticalContinue Reading

Just a week after French schools open, 70 cases of COVID19 has been identified linked directly to the schools. Over 150,000 junior high students poured back into their classrooms after the pandemic restrictions were lifted by the French government.  However, French education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer revealed in an interview thatContinue Reading

On 17th November 2018 Ibrahim Mohamed Solih from Lh.Hinnavaru swore in as the 7th President of the Republic of Maldives. This was marked with promises of transparency and good governance. Shortly afterwards, President Solih assured to the public that his administration will have a “zero tolerance” for corruption and soonContinue Reading