China has suspended the repayment of debts worth $2.1 billion from 24 nations. Chinese Finance Minister Liu Kun stated that the China International Development Cooperation Agency and the Exim Bank of China suspended the debt repayment worth $ 1.353 billion  while China Development Bank suspended debt repayments worth $ 748Continue Reading

India is working with the US to sign a pact to share its satellite data to improve US missile and drone accuracy. Both states are expected to make the announcement the next week with US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo set to visit the India, Sri Lanka and Maldives justContinue Reading

Opposition Vice-President MP Ahmed Shiyam has stated that the current government has handed over control of the Maldivian economy to India. Speaking at the Parliament, the Naifaru Constituency MP heavily criticized the current government and its policies. “What we are seeing today is the creation of bills to facilitate theContinue Reading