Sri Lankans are currently queuing up to get a jab of the Chinese Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine following a third wave of outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. The South Asian nation currently has 140,471 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with an additional 22,330 suspected cases hospitalized. Hundreds have queued up at theContinue Reading

China’s first Mars rover has successfully touched down on the red planet  following 296 days of flight. This marks the first time China has landed a spacecraft on Mars and the third country to do so after the US and Russia. The probe named Tianwen-1  consists of an orbiter, aContinue Reading

Chinese central bank People’s Bank of China has launched a digital currency , making it the world’s first major economy to issue a digital currency. The Digital Renminbi will be officially known as the Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) or  e-CNY  for short. According to the Bank of China, theContinue Reading

The US government is reportedly set to restrict travel from India amidst the surge in COVID19 in the South Asian nation. According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, a travel ban to India would go into effect on 4th May 2021. Jen Psaki also stated that the decision toContinue Reading