The Parliament Judiciary Committee has decided to advise the Prosecutor General to review his decision not to prosecute the individuals indicted by the Anti-Corruption Commission on the “Ventilator Corruption” case. The Prosecutor General’s decision not to prosecute the 11 individuals including former Health Minister Abdulla Ameen for the corruption involvedContinue Reading

Although early months of 2020 showed negative figures for Chinese economy, the worlds 2nd largest economy has shown a 4.9% growth in its economy between July & September compared to the same quarter last year. While the growth of 4.9% is slightly lower than forecasted 5.2% the industrial output cameContinue Reading

Just a week after French schools open, 70 cases of COVID19 has been identified linked directly to the schools. Over 150,000 junior high students poured back into their classrooms after the pandemic restrictions were lifted by the French government.  However, French education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer revealed in an interview thatContinue Reading