The United Nations has voted in favor of Palestinian statehood and its right to self-determination. A resolution calling for the approval of Palestine’s statehood was submitted to the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee last Thursday. The Committee which deals with human rights and humanitarian affairs passed the resolution in favorContinue Reading

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be meeting with UAE’s Financial Affairs Minister today to sign a number of agreements including a visa-free agreements for both countries. The first of its kind between Israel and an Arab state. Today’s agreements will allow Israeli and UAE citizens to travel freely betweenContinue Reading

Just a week after French schools open, 70 cases of COVID19 has been identified linked directly to the schools. Over 150,000 junior high students poured back into their classrooms after the pandemic restrictions were lifted by the French government.  However, French education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer revealed in an interview thatContinue Reading