Opposition Vice-President Ahmed Shiyam has questioned the current administrations sincerity in its battle against domestic terrorism. Speaking at the Parliament, the Naifaru constituency MP stated that the current administration cannot speak about terrorism without addressing the assassination attempt on former President Abdulla Yameen back in 2015.  “Im talking about theContinue Reading

Opposition Vice-President MP Ahmed Shiyam has submitted an emergency motion to the parliament, calling on to the government to take action against Israel for its violence against the Palestinians. The motion submitted today was tweeted online by the MP with the hashtags “#SaveSheikhJarrah” and “#IStandwithPalestine”. The motion submitted by MPContinue Reading

Parliament debate on the government’s proposed budget for 2021 has ended after over 15 hours of debate. Following the proposal of the budget last Monday, the MVR 34.7 billion budget was criticized by both the opposition and ruling party members. Majority of the parliamentarians criticized the budget stating the highContinue Reading

Opposition PPM Vice-President MP Ghassan Maumoon has launched a fierce critique against MP Hussein Shameem (Andhun Hussein) after the latter made crude remarks against MP MP Ghassan Maumoon and serious allegations against his father, former President Uz. Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. Yesterday, MP Ghassan Maumoon who serves as the Guraidhoo ConstituencyContinue Reading

Ruling Party MP Ahmed Rasheed (Bondaa) has accused the MDP Parliamentary Group (PG) of conducting itself in an authoritarian manner. Speaking on a program at “Sangu TV”, the Central Maafannu Constituency MP compared the ruling party MDP’s Parliamentary Group  to North Korea. MP Ahmed Rasheed, a veteran of ruling partyContinue Reading

At today’s Parliament session where Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla was scheduled to be questioned, Makunudhoo constituency MP Mohamed Raee invited Home minister and leader of Adhaalath Party Imran Abdulla to join MDP. “Although Adhaalath party is a member of current ruling Coalition, you are following our (MDP) philosophy’s andContinue Reading