Parliament debate on the government’s proposed budget for 2021 has ended after over 15 hours of debate. Following the proposal of the budget last Monday, the MVR 34.7 billion budget was criticized by both the opposition and ruling party members. Majority of the parliamentarians criticized the budget stating the highContinue Reading

The ruling government coalition has voted against the bill proposed by MP Ahmed Thariq calling for the re-structuring of the Judicial Service Commission. MP Ahmed Thariq stated that the bill was introduced due to government influencing the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) through its current structuring. He also pointed that theContinue Reading

The Progressive Congress Coalition has released a statement following the Prosecutor General’s Decision to press charges against Acting leader of the opposition. According to the statement, the opposition coalition accuses President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of botching the COVID-19 relief efforts with the public losing confidence over the current administration overContinue Reading

Progressive Congress Coalition has announced that the opposition alliance will launch protests against the current administration starting next month. At a special press conference held at their office, opposition Vice-President Ibrahim Shujau alleged the top executives of the current administration of misconduct, corruption and possible espionage. Speaking at the pressContinue Reading