Maldives Police Service has disrupted and halted a peaceful motorcycle rally held in solidarity with Palestine following Israel’s brutal attack since 06th may 2021. The motorcycle rally was organized by youths who wished to raise awareness and in solidarity with the Palestinian people. The motorcycle rally was scheduled to beContinue Reading

Progressive Congress Coalition has announced that the opposition alliance will launch protests against the current administration starting next month. At a special press conference held at their office, opposition Vice-President Ibrahim Shujau alleged the top executives of the current administration of misconduct, corruption and possible espionage. Speaking at the pressContinue Reading

Protestors have gathered near the Maldives parliament voicing out their concerns following the parliaments “Police Reform Bill” which would allow the parliament to gain unprecedented control over the police and its operations and investigations. The spontaneous gathering was fueled by the ruling party’s 65 member led supermajority in the parliament’sContinue Reading

On Friday Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed a  controversial bill aimed at increasing the state’s police accountability amid the massive protests sweeping across the United States. The bill, highly criticized by Colorado police union would end the qualified immunity imbibed on police officers in the state of Colorado. The qualifiedContinue Reading

Nepalese citizens has taken the territorial dispute of the Kalapani territory with India to social media in the form of an online protest. On 2nd November 2019 Indian Minister for Home Affairs Amit Shah proposed the Jammu and Kashmir reorganization bill to the upper house of the bicameral parliament ofContinue Reading