Opposition Vice-President MP Ahmed Shiyam has criticized the current administrations decision to appoint former Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem to the post of Minister of Health. The Naifaru Constituency MP made a tweet remarking on the appointment and accused the current administration of nepotism. In his tweet, MP Ahmed Shiyam statedContinue Reading

Maldives Polilce Service has notified that a they have found the body of a dead man, floating in the sea west of IGMH. According to the police, the body was found at around 10:40am and has been identified as a 31 year old Male Mmaldivian. The Police is yet toContinue Reading

Progressive Congress Coalition has announced that the opposition alliance will launch protests against the current administration starting next month. At a special press conference held at their office, opposition Vice-President Ibrahim Shujau alleged the top executives of the current administration of misconduct, corruption and possible espionage. Speaking at the pressContinue Reading

Opposition PPM Vice-President MP Ghassan Maumoon has launched a fierce critique against MP Hussein Shameem (Andhun Hussein) after the latter made crude remarks against MP MP Ghassan Maumoon and serious allegations against his father, former President Uz. Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. Yesterday, MP Ghassan Maumoon who serves as the Guraidhoo ConstituencyContinue Reading

India is working with the US to sign a pact to share its satellite data to improve US missile and drone accuracy. Both states are expected to make the announcement the next week with US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo set to visit the India, Sri Lanka and Maldives justContinue Reading

On 17th November 2018 President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih began his term with promises of zero tolerance to corruption, transparency, good governance and pledged to empower the local councils. In an act of empowering the local councils, Male’ City hall was granted full guardianship of the capital city and its “GreaterContinue Reading

Ruling Party MP Ahmed Rasheed (Bondaa) has accused the MDP Parliamentary Group (PG) of conducting itself in an authoritarian manner. Speaking on a program at “Sangu TV”, the Central Maafannu Constituency MP compared the ruling party MDP’s Parliamentary Group  to North Korea. MP Ahmed Rasheed, a veteran of ruling partyContinue Reading

Facebook has launched its long awaited “Facebook Dating” service in Europe. According to Facebook, the new feature has been launched in 32 European states. The service has been in beta-testing for a year available for selected individuals in 20 countries, the official launching was delayed due to regulatory concerns. Ireland’sContinue Reading

Thousands of  cases Devondale dairy milk packets which were imported by the State Trading Organization (STO) has been forced to discard after reaching its expiry date. The dairy products were meant to be disbursed for student’s at the morning breakfast program at government schools across the nation. Following the closureContinue Reading